Meet MaeArt Creative’s CEO

Ida Brown is a confident and creative designer

who is self-motivated, self sufficient and comes with a strong background in print and digital media in the

marketing / advertisement field. 


Ida’s passion for art began at the tender age of 10 and her mother (Sherry Brown) continued to help foster her creative expression from childhood into adulthood. Sherry has always been a sounding board for Ida’s out of the box artistic expression, and always motivated Ida to be herself. 


Ida graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 2014. Since that time she has worked as a Art Director for a marketing company in Dallas, TX. 


In 2020 Ida made it a point to use her artistic ability to touch the lives of others, by creating a t-shirt company that encompasses her culture, her faith, and her love for all people. Ida is a true visionary and it is evident with her execution of MaeArt Creative. 


MaeArt Creative exists to bring out the purpose, passion and peace of all customers who rock our gear.

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